Alvin Division

Daily Capacity

  • Rail Cars – 8 center-beam rail cars
  • Trucking – 25 trucks
premier transload stamp v3

MVR Alvin is a BNSF Premier Transload Facility located 30 minutes south of Central Houston. It is a 4.5 acres in size and is BNSF rail served with a daily capacity of 8 railcars. MVR Alvin loads and unloads large volumes of railcars comprised of center beams, bulkhead flatcars, and gondolas. Some of the products handled are lumber, comprised of SPF, WRC, and SYP. Other products include plywood, OSB, steel rebar, steel beams, steel coils, steel, T-posts, galvanized fence posts, highway guardrails, plastic fencing, and asphalt shingles.

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