Windmill Division [LUMBER]

Daily Capacity

  • Rail – 8 center-beams | additional boxcars
  • Trucking – 30 trucks

MVR Windmill is a 7 acre paved facility served by the FWWR and has direct access to the BNSF, UP, KCS, and TXPF into Mexico. MVR Windmill handles boxcars, center-beams, and flat cars with a capacity of 8 center-beams and potentially an additional 8 boxcars daily. This facility also has a portion of inside storage available, contact our sales team today to secure space. Some of the products handled are lumber, comprised of SPF, WRC, and Southern Yellow Pine. Other products include panel products, bulk steel, metals, rebar, heavy machinery, and more.

Mountain View Reload USA   |   Windmill Division   |   3701 Windmill Road   |   Cleburne, TX