Cresson Division

Daily Capacity

  • Rail Cars – 10 center-beam rail cars (potential double switch days)
  • Trucking – 30 trucks

MVR Cresson is 10 acres in size and is FWWR rail served with a daily capacity of 10 – 20 railcars. Cresson is open to the BNSF, UPRR, KCS, and TXPF to Mexico. MVR Cresson loads and unloads large volumes of railcars comprised of center beams, bulkhead flatcars, and gondolas. Some of the products handles are lumber, comprised of SPF, WRC, and SYP. Other products include plywood, OSB, steel rebar, steel beams, steel coils, steel, T-posts, galvanized fence posts, highway guardrails, plastic fencing, and asphalt shingles. Additional services include banding and sorting.

Mountain View Reload | Cresson Division | 2250 N Cresson Hwy | Cresson, TX