MVR Group is closely monitoring the effects of COVID-19 and is updating its procedures, in both Canada and the US, with the guidelines that are being distributed by local health authorities and the CDC. The welfare and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, as well as the communities they work in are first and foremost. In order to be able to maintain our operations, we have instituted more rigorous steps to assist in reducing the spread of the virus. We are asking our customers and suppliers to assist us in mitigating the spread of the virus in the following manner:
  1. Increased hand washing and use of disinfectant wipes in work areas
  2. Increased “social distancing” at our sites
         a. Reducing/eliminating contact within our office
         b. Reducing contact between drivers and forklift operators
  3.  Increased transmission of documents via electronic means
  4. Immediately sending home any employees or drivers at the sites that show any signs of infection
  5. Restricted direct access to our site offices by all non-employees and drivers

These steps are necessary to protect our employees and our customers and may cause some delays in loading and paperwork processing. We ask for your patience and understanding while we work through this unprecedented event. We will provide our customers with prompt updates if there are any additional changes that will cause an impact to our operations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to any of our site managers or Corporate Team.

Thank-you and Be Safe!

Mark Thomson
MVR Group