Sumas Division

Daily Capacity

  • Railcars – 10 center beam rail cars | 1 boxcar
  • Trucking – 30 trucks
premier transload stamp v3

MVR Sumas is a BNSF Premier Transload Facility. It is 6.5 acres in size, is BNSF rail served, and has one rail spur with a capacity for 11 railcars. MVR Sumas handles forestry products, lumber, panel products, steel, drywall, rubber mats, and more. MVR Sumas and MVR Irving use an inventory program that was created specifically for our customer’s reloading needs that allow for easy tracking of customer inventories, shipments, and record-keeping.

Mountain View Reload USA   |   Sumas Division   |   300 Bob Mitchell Ave   |   Sumas, WA